GET Melamine Announcement: Acquisition of Bugambilia Is Complete

From the official press release:

Houston, TX, March 20, 2015 – G.E.T. Enterprises, LLC, supplier of creative tabletop solutions for the commercial foodservice industry, announced its completed merger with Irvine-based Bugambilia International Inc., Friday.

For over 30 years, Houston-based G.E.T. Enterprises has been a leading supplier of high-quality dinnerware, drinkware and displayware crafted from melamine and alternative materials. G.E.T.’s broad po‡olio features the look and feel of traditional materials while delivering unique designs with durability benefits. The company’s dedication to quality, reliability and customer service has made it a favorite among national restaurant chains, universities, caterers, hotels, contract feeders, and other foodservice establishments.

By joining with Bugambilia, G.E.T. adds Bugambilia’s signature resin coated cast aluminum displayware, biodegradable bamboo dinnerware, bamboo riser systems, and metal stands to its already extensive product offering. Said Bugambilia founder Paul Segal, “Joining an established and rapidly-growing company like G.E.T. is the next exciting step for the Bugambilia brand. With G.E.T.’s reach, Bugambilia’s unique products will soon be a pa“ of even more foodservice establishments worldwide.”

Heidi Modaro, G.E.T.’s Chief Executive Officer, agreed, adding “G.E.T. is growing rapidly – and that’s because we blend alternative and innovative products with outstanding customer service. G.E.T.’s goal is to enhance our foodservice owners’ and chefs’ menu items while helping them to be more profitable. By combining G.E.T.’s design expe“ise and Bugambilia’s unique tabletop solutions, G.E.T. looks forward to creating future product developments and continued growth and success for the industry.”

Vollrath: Warranty Clarification

Vollrath issued a reminder to all dealers regarding consumer use of Vollrath products: “We wanted to remind all our channel partners that our Vollrath warranty covers commercial use only. Our products are not warrantied for household use or personal use.  Our products are built to comply with COMMERCIAL safety standards.  They are not tested nor certified to CONSUMER safety standards. Click the blue button below to see our complete warranty statement.”

For the complete Vollrath warranty statement – click here.

Alto-Shaam: New Product Offerings – Xcelerate Hi Speed Oven and Individually Controlled Hot Wells (waterless)

Xcelerate Hi-Speed Ovens, available in North and South America only, are currently in production and available for order. The intuitive, programmable touchscreen ovens combine powerful microwave and air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven while maintaining a freshly baked taste, texture and appearance.

The individually controlled Hot Wells allow for precise holding temperatures while using Alto-Shaam’s waterless holding technology.

True: New Product Offering – Sandwich Prep Tables with Glass Lids

True is now offering 3 models of sandwich preparation tables with flip-up glass lids/covers.  The units available are (each is a link to the description page):




For a quote on these units please contact your territory manager for more information.

True: As of March 1st, 2015 True will no longer offer Remote units

For those not aware: for years True Manufacturing has offered units without compressors,etc that ran off a system based somewhere else in the building to save money, reduce noise, etc.  It was a great idea but the result was sales of less than 1/2 of 1% of all cabinets shipped were requested as remote units.

Due to the low volume and limited opportunities (as well as the overwhelming lab time required to certify these units) True has decided to discontinue all remote models and remote condensing unit options as of March 1st, 2015.  All literature, spec sheets, etc will be updated in the next few months.

GET Melamine: San Francisco-based company implements eco program with GET eco containers

In San Francisco, like most other American cities, many people eat out or order takeout almost five days a week. Unsurprisingly, that adds up to a lot of empty containers—on average, someone who always brings leftovers home might throw out more than 300 boxes in a year.

A new startup hopes to change that pattern. GO Box SF, an offshoot of a company first launched in Portland, Oregon, wants to help every restaurant offer reusable containers instead.

For the original story – click here.

John Boos: New Study Reinforces Previous Reports: Wood Cutting Boards Inhibit Bacteria Growth, And Are Equal To Or Better Than Plastic Cutting Boards

Just recently, Dr. Ulrike Kleiner, from the Laboratory of Hygiene Research at the Anhalt University in Bernburg, Germany, performed a new study on hygienic qualities of wood and plastic cutting boards. Dr. Kleiner’s results reinforced Dr. Dean Cliver’s study: that hard rock maple wood cutting boards are more sanitary than plastic cutting boards. It has been scientifically proven that wood cutting boards inhibit bacteria growth, while plastic cutting boards have been proven to harbor bacteria. Furthermore, wood cutting boards are known to be easier on your knives and they are sustainable and biodegradable, where plastic cutting boards are not.

Click here for the complete press release pdf.

Vollrath: Fryer Now Approved For Canadian Use

Create a delicious variety of crisp fried food with minimal fuss using Vollrath’s Cayenne® 15 lb. Medium Duty Electric Fryers. These fryers are ideal for restaurants, canteens and higher volume outlets because of their quick heat-up and temperature recovery time between loads. They feature a fully-welded oil tank with safety interlocked drain valves for easy drainage and cleaning. Learn more about the science behind Vollrath fryers from Chef Rich in our fryer videos on Vollrath University.


  • Dual unit provides increased volume
  • Minimal footprint to accommodate tight counter spaces
  • Designed with cold zone to help keep grease fresh longer
  • Internal micro-switch disconnects power when element box is removed
  • “Power On” indicator light
  • Thermostatically controlled to 374°F (190°C)
  • Automatic thermal overload shutoff at 446°F (230°C)

Product Offering

  • 15 lb. Countertop Fryer with Drain
  • Dual 15 lb. Countertop Fryer with Drain
  • Ships with two baskets per unit & includes night cover(s)

More Information click here

Alto-Shaam: CT Express Awarded For Innovation

Alto-Shaam received a 2014 Innovator Award at StarChef’s 9th annual International Chefs Congress in late October. Alto-Shaam’s CT Express™ Combitherm® combi oven received the award in the heavy equipment category.

Alto-Shaam is grateful for the ongoing recognition from the chef community. This award demonstrates Alto-Shaam’s commitment to quality, innovative foodservice equipment.

The CT Express is Alto-Shaam’s smallest combi oven. It’s designed to fit small spaces and limited budgets while still meeting food production needs.

This versatile combi oven can cook with flexibility. It operates as a convection oven, steamer, or a combination of both. The oven can be used to bake, roast, steam, broil, poach, grill, toast, proof, braise, oven fry and hot or cold smoke.

This oven comes in a variety of colors and options to best fit into your kitchen. It might be little, but it does a big job in all kitchens!