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Alto-Shaam: New Product Offerings – Xcelerate Hi Speed Oven and Individually Controlled Hot Wells (waterless)

Xcelerate Hi-Speed Ovens, available in North and South America only, are currently in production and available for order. The intuitive, programmable touchscreen ovens combine powerful microwave and air impingement technologies to cook up to 10 times faster than a conventional oven while maintaining a freshly baked taste, texture and appearance.

The individually controlled Hot Wells allow for precise holding temperatures while using Alto-Shaam’s waterless holding technology.

Alto-Shaam: CT Express Awarded For Innovation

Alto-Shaam received a 2014 Innovator Award at StarChef’s 9th annual International Chefs Congress in late October. Alto-Shaam’s CT Express™ Combitherm® combi oven received the award in the heavy equipment category.

Alto-Shaam is grateful for the ongoing recognition from the chef community. This award demonstrates Alto-Shaam’s commitment to quality, innovative foodservice equipment.

The CT Express is Alto-Shaam’s smallest combi oven. It’s designed to fit small spaces and limited budgets while still meeting food production needs.

This versatile combi oven can cook with flexibility. It operates as a convection oven, steamer, or a combination of both. The oven can be used to bake, roast, steam, broil, poach, grill, toast, proof, braise, oven fry and hot or cold smoke.

This oven comes in a variety of colors and options to best fit into your kitchen. It might be little, but it does a big job in all kitchens!